Many entrepreneurs at times have to face tough decisions of up scaling their business, this may mean employing more people in their business when they start seeing growth. This requires them to employ the right skills to drive the vision of the organisation and this may be outsourcing freelancers or employing permanent staff. Managing human resource is a very important aspect of any business and is key in driving the business objectives through its people. It need to be managed diligently and efficiently.

Many Successful organisations sustain because of their focus on not only their customers but their employees. “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” Richard Branson. If human resources are managed efficiently employees are positive and more productive. Below are key factors Businesses need to keep in mind when creating a human resource strategy


Strategic HR Planning

This requires businesses to identify human resource needs of the organisation for the overall goals to be achieved, this is to anticipate workforce requirements and prevent any unnecessary hurdles in the future workforce needs of the organisation. There needs to be clear strategy and implantation plans, these plans may be from talent acquisitions, recruitment and outsourcing program, talent management, training or coaching, designing or reviewing policies and these need to planned for in advance by the business


Job Design and Job analysis

When designing jobs ensure employees have a clearly defined job outline, in order for them to know their expectations. It is also very important for businesses to plan bi-annually or quarterly performance reviews with employees in order to identify development areas, this should also aim at giving feedback on the job performance


Employee recruitment and selection

One of the toughest decisions entrepreneurs must make is recruiting the right skills to drive the business vision. When growing your business, it is important to know what skills you require in your business and how to find these skills through a transparent recruitment process. Ensure that you do not just look at the basic qualifications but the caliber of the employee as this is a person who is now a representative of the business and ideally needs to have the same passion and commitment as you have for your business.


Orientation, motivation and retention

Once job designs have been concluded and the right skills have been recruited, as a business owner you want to retain employees and create a results driven and productive organisational culture by keeping them motivated. It is important to ensure these employees are orientated correctly into the business and kept motivated, this will ensure you keep good employees for longer and be more consistent.


Recognition, Performance management and career management

Employee performance and career management is a human resource aspect that many businesses do not focus on, Employees that are regularly recognised for their hard work are normally more productive. A simple thank you to your employees goes a long way in boosting their confidence and inspiring loyalty. Performance manage employees and create career management discussions with them on how they can grow internally or externally. Employers who show appreciation care have a higher chance of having more loyal employees. Manage employee career development as it will also create a succession plan for your business.


Training and Development

Employees want to be developed and grow as they go through their journey with your organisation. This not only benefits the employee but the organisation as it promotes skilled and competent staff, it is very important for you to identify training and development initiatives for employees in order get the best out of them and create a highly skilled businesses. Employee development may be training interventions, Presentations, seminars, businesses meetings, sending employees for networking events


Managing Benefits and compensation

In today’s highly competitive labor market it is very important to have competitive compensation and benefits or your competitors will attract your employees with better offers. Benefits come in many forms e.g. a car allowance, cell phone, discount off company products, healthcare benefits, housing subsidy, laptop, pension, share scheme etc. As a business you need to identify things that you can provide as benefits for employees in order to attract and retain them.


Human Resource Management is very important in many businesses today as it plays a major role in managing people, the work place culture and environment, a focus in this area can contribute in the overall company direction and accomplishing business objectives. With so much focus Employees in the modern era the focus on Human resource has become more strategic and many companies are outsourcing recruitment companies in order to stay competitive.

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