For any organisation a website is the first digital impression and should reflect everything about the business, you want your audience to know and remember everything about your business and so this should be a priority in your Marketing Strategy. People visit the internet to find something and you want to ensure they find what they are looking for through your website quickly and with ease, but it’s not only about finding what they are looking for, for marketers you also want to keep this traffic into your website for as long as possible, creating good feed to keep traffic is the next focus for marketers in the future.


With so much of focus in the digital era, in the future competition on the quality of websites will be tougher than ever, if you want to stay in the game you have got to create a website that is interesting, easy for your audience to connect and interact with your business, the ability to browse easily, find the product or services and make a purchase. But what makes a good website? Below are some tips you can look at to make it more effective


TIP #1. Know the purpose of your website

Each page of your website should have its own unique purpose, for small business start small, the lesser number of pages you have the less complicated your website will be. Each purpose will most likely be selling a product/service, information or entertainment. Many businesses create websites and they do not understand what the real purpose of the website and after wasting so much money they do not get the right return on investment


TIP #2. Create professional visuals

A websites appearance says a lot about the business, a website must be attractive and eye catchy in order for people to want to keep browsing stay there, this often requires quality and professional visuals. Every marketer should consider the brand image when creating a website. The best way to figure out ways on improving your websites is to look at those of your competitors or market leaders but have a differentiated and original approach. There are many ways to make your website have a professional look.


TIP #3. Create relevant, attractive and original content

Content creation will be a big drive for online marketers in the future and focus placed on the production of high quality content for websites. Providing your audience with a variety of content in the form of text, images video etc. will have great success for many businesses website. When viewers enter your website they need to know who you are, what you do, how you will solve their problem and what benefit would they have for becoming your customer.  Your website content must aim at converting this traffic into customers, clear and effective content


TIP #4. Clear website navigation

Ever been on a website and you just cannot navigate what you are looking for? Navigation is how simple and easy it is for people to get through to your website and find what they are looking for, no matter how great the content or how professional it looks but if the audience find it difficult to find the information they are looking for the website will not get much views. The speed at which images and pages load will be a big focus in future but for now your business needs to create a website that has good feed and is easy to browse through.


TIP #5. Create a personalised user experience.

Online consumers have become very sophisticated than ever and creating content that is specifically for a particular audience is critical in allowing end users to have a personalised experience. Customer get frustrated with promotional content that doesn’t resonate with their interests. A user friendly website is more likely to attract more viewers and if they can easily make their way around your site they will stay longer. Marketers need to know exactly who their target market is and create a personalised solution that will solve the needs of that audience.


Your website is your company’s business card and needs to grab attention and make your audience want to stay, you might have gone through a number of websites that you kept browsing and didn’t want to leave. A good website should not only be tailor made for your customer but it reflects you as the business owner, your audience will judge your brand based on what they see on the internet and marketers need to put more focus and effort on their websites. Get a professional company to do this for your business

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