A lot of entrepreneurs get very excited when they start something of their own, In many cases they will have a brilliant idea but cannot find the answers on how you can go about in developing that idea into a sustainable business. Mentorship provides direction for mentees as they are provided with valuable lessons which range from career, business and financial advice, presentation skills, time management and many other types of mentorships advice that a mentee may need.

As a digital marketing mentee, for me to get the best out of mentorship program I need to firstly know what kind of mentorship I need, this will require you to find a person who has the relevant expertise or experience in what you need example if you need financial management mentorship you need to rather seek this from an individual who has knowledge and expertise in financial management. Mentorship is very important for entrepreneurs no matter what level they are in. here are some reasons why entrepreneurs need some kind of mentorship


#1 Mentors provide information and knowledge and can see where we need to improve- Having an idea is one thing, but converting that idea into a business requires making strategic decisions, daily operations, the administration, budgeting and many more. Getting somebody with a wealth of knowledge gets you up to speed faster on how to you better manage your business. A mentor also sees more of our faults and can be the best people to give us constructive criticisms.

#2 Mentors offer encouragement that keep us motivated- Mentors are meant to be people that inspire us at in many ways, these are people who have been in the industry and are well experienced, good mentors will give you guidance where you feel you want to give up, how many times have you thought of giving up and someone motivated you to keep going?

#3 Mentors are ideally trusted advisors- Mentorship is about relationship building and trust should be at the centre of that relationship. You should be able to talk anything with your mentor and it should be easy for any mentee to bounce off some ideas and get feedback before implementation and this will prevent any potential business risk. Good mentors will never let you settle and become complacent.

#4 Good mentors will share personal experiences that inspire and motivate you- The whole idea behind getting mentorship is to hear from somebody who has probably had some experience in the area of focus and their experiences need to motivate you to achieve. If these teachings are done correct it could prevent unnecessary mistakes


Whenever I engage with my mentors I normally request for their time a week in advance and pre-plan what will be on the agenda in order to ensure we cover all the things I need to be discussed. Mentorship is two way interaction, you need to not only provide as much feedback as possible but also seek for constructive feedback on your progress, I have had a number of constructive criticism from my mentors and what I learnt about it was that if your mentor doesn’t ask the difficult questions your customers will. Never feel shy or intimidated to reach out to anyone for mentorship the worse that could happen is that the mentor would be too busy to handle your problem, you need to understand their time constraints but ask as much questions as possible whenever you are given time.

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