A business plan is an important tool for growing any business. It lays out the vision and steps the business will take to get there. The primary purpose of a business plan is to define what the business is or what it intends to be over a period of time. Most entrepreneurs use business plans as a communication too for attracting investment or financing to grow their business. When I consult with businesses what is key for me is understanding the vision of the business and develop strategies that will give direction.


Businesses also evolve while the market changes from time to time and so a business plan would be a good tool to adapt to these changes it is essential for business to relook at their business plans from time to time. Business plans need to also describe the business, its products and services, the operational environment and its plan of action of how to grow the brand and these need to be able to clearly show the vision and the direction of the business.


Potential Investors which include your customers/target market also want to be at ease and comfortable about your company before they invest in your product/service. A business plan is the foundation towards developing an idea into a product/service, into a product/service, into a brand and made into a sustainable business. If you are also planning to raise funds from investors or financial lenders always keep in mind that a good business plan that is clear on the vision, easy to read and understand and shows direction is extremely valuable.


Whether you have just started or running a business for your years, in the modern business environment a business plan is the key to your success and if you want to grow your business, be more competitive in your industry and achieve your goals then you need a business plan!

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin

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