The one question that comes a lot in digital marketing is how does it create value? What kind of metrics are used to measure efforts?  The first thing we may need to understand is what is a strategy, in simple terms it is a plan of action and this is where we enjoy outlining this to our clients. An effective strategy indicates which strategy will be used, how it will be used, by whom and shows KPIs to measure progress.


Digital marketing involves a number of metrics that you may need to track on a daily basis to know what’s going on, for example Google Analytics has a number of reports you can pull through, scrutinise and work with. This helps marketers measure how effective their website is and provides data that measures progress. It is very important to write down what are the goals you are hoping to achieve and put these actions plans in place.


A marketing strategy will only be effective if it has the right target market. This is a stage where you need to ensure it is a concentrated target market and be very specific on who your customer is. You can have a good marketing strategy but if it not distributed to the right people it will not be effective at all. Looking at Digital marketing platforms available for your business  can be very tricky, it needs you to understand your customers, which one of them are they using and Once this is done. You can then distribute your strategy. How would you create an effective digital marketing strategy?

Click on the link and read the article. Let me know how you would create an innovative digital marketing strategy for your business.

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