Digital Marketing Agencies charge different fees for different services. A consultation fee is sometimes charged by a consultant to meet with a potential client to discuss digital marketing strategies for their business. The consultation is an opportunity for the consultant to decide whether to take the account and for the potential client to get value and decide if they wish to hire the consultant on a full time basis.


The need for a consultation by the potential client depends of many things, the client needs to be clear on Do they need Digital marketing, How can digital Marketing add value to their business and what they hope to achieve with digital marketing. A consultation fee is not only charged to provide potential clients Digital Marketing direction but it also allows the Agency to not give out valuable information for free but for a minimum starting fee. So how are service prices charged?


Pricing can be based on costing- Total cost of producing the service is the most important aspect in determining costs of services. For profitability purposes the cost needs to be taken in consideration

Pricing can be based on competitors- Competitor prices are very important to both the client and the digital marketing agencies. Customers want value for money and will mostly shop around for reasonable prices with value

Pricing can be based on value- Value is very important in digital marketing, clients want to be assured they will get ROI and credentials such as Education background, experience and a portfolio are important. These are some of JT&SON Business & Brand Management credentials on what value clients can get.


Digital Marketing is what many people see as the future of marketing and businesses are investing in digital marketing. It is important for businesses who are looking at getting a consultant to understand the need for Digital Marketing, compare prices of Digital Marketing Agencies to get the best value and understand, Digital Marketing doesn’t get you instant results but is a process that needs time and effort to give you positive long term results.

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